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Bản vẽ Alphajet

Designed by Jamie Rothwell If you download plans and build the Alpha Jet, please consider sending the designer a donation for all of his hard work and inspiration! PayPal | jamie.rothwell@yahoo.com Suggested Donation: $10.00
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Length: 850mm | Width: 605mm | Weight: 14oz-18oz | Center of Gravity: Noted on Plans | 2200-2700kv Brushless Outrunner | 6 x 4e Prop | 30amp ESC | 2 x 12gram Servos | 1500-2200mAh 3S Lipo Battery


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Here is the long awaited Alpha jet plans, the best all round foamy jet.  It's a bi-plane that is ultra stable at nearly vertical angles of attack, the unique duel wing keeps the air flowing over the bottom wing giving lift at amazing angles!  With the large thrust vectoring elevons this plane can roll and loop on demand.  And all this from just over one sheet on 6mm depron, two servos and a standard parkjet setup.

This amazing plane flys without any carbon or wooden support, the wing structure keeps both wings from flexing. Another cool feature is the adjustable motor mount, you can slide the mount forwards or back before gluing to make sure your prop fits central in the two prop slots, making it able to fit all most any motor.

Bản vẽ Alphajet