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HẾT HÀNG - SSS 3674-3200KV Brushless Motor

1.100.000 ₫





Brand: TFL 

Motor Diameter: 36 mm

Shaft Diameter: 3.5 mm

KV(RPM/V): 3200

Maximum Current: 122A

Maximum Voltage: 18V

Maximum power: 2200W

Motor idle current: 2.6A



High-precision CNC Aluminum Alloy shell

18-slot stator 4-pole rotor design,light weight torque,japan Kawasaki 0.2 silicon steel

Rotor dovetail groove design,winding a layer of koala on the outer rotor to effectively prevent the rotor under the conditions of explosive rotor phenomenon.

High-performance 180° NdFeB magnet high-quality high-temperature copper.

NSK Bearings,10mm shaft,the motor output power to effectively improve the rigidity.


HẾT HÀNG - SSS 3674-3200KV Brushless Motor